BOOK TITLE : Enterprise and Economic Development in Africa

Enterprise can revolutionise economic development in Africa. This edited collection provides readers with a new perspective on a continental phenomenon which is still under researched in contemporary academic discussions. An international range of contributions present real-world examples of the impact of entrepreneurial practice on economic development in Africa, drawing on original research, as well as analysis of current enterprise policies and approaches.

This expansive collection extends the critical examinations of entrepreneurship and economic development in Africa to date, highlighting both challenges and opportunities in developing economies in this unique context.

Dr Dina Nziku and Professor John Struthers of the Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development (CAREED) in the School of Business and Creative Industries, have co-edited a major book entitled Enterprise and Economic Development in Africa which has been published by Emerald Publishing. The book contains 16 chapters on a range of key topics which lie at the heart of current economic development on the continent. These include:

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Africa; Gender Entrepreneurship and Youth Unemployment in Africa; Economic Development (Governance and Institutions) in Africa.

John who is the current CAREED Director commented… “this co-edited book, which is the second major book published by CAREED members in recent years, was conceived by Dr Nziku and she has been very instrumental in bringing the volume to completion, in spite of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. As co-editors of the volume, we would also wish to thank the many chapter authors who come from various external organisations such as the UN, universities across the world including a number in Africa, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change in Ethiopia, as well as colleagues from within UWS

Dr. Dina M. Nziku (PhD) is a Lecturer, researcher and Director for Research and Publications in the Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development (CAREED) at the University of the West of Scotland, UK. Dina is the lead of Global Women's Entrepreneurship Policy in the sub-Saharan Africa and Entrepreneurship Thought Leader at Women Economic Imperative (WEI).

Prof. John J. Struthers is a Professor and Director of the Centre for African Research on Enterprise and Economic Development University of West of Scotland. His research in recent years has focused on commodities and other trade issues in Africa. In 2015 John was appointed Honorary Consul for Ethiopia in Scotland and in 2018 was appointed Chancellor of Mount Kenya University