Digital Business : The Search for the New "Normal"

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Currently we are experiencing unprecedented disruption, which has impacted every aspect of our lives. Accelerating technologies and digital distribution are markers of the 21st century. Technology never sleeps over the last decade, the integrated power and potential of transformation technologies has challenged many traditional business models. The advent of Digital Marketing,

Cryptocurrency, AI (all forms of Machine Learning), Mixed to Virtual Reality, the notion of telepresence through to Quantum computing have all brought critique and resistance. However, the global pandemic of COVID19 has silenced much of this critique and found the world of business, searching for a new normal.

Today governments, businesses, cultural to social life are compelled to adapt to a new ‘reality’ and digital, social and transformational technologies are central to this search for a new normal. Global economies are inextricably intertwined and business communities need digital solutions and innovations now. Moreover, if we are to learn anything from the crisis of COVID19, our governments, educators and business leaders must acknowledge that traditional business theory is not enough and embrace a critical and creative futurology.

Futurology, or future studies, is not so much predicting the future, rather it is more about using past and current trends, patterns and phenomena to highlight possible, plausible, preferable to probable futures. Again, futurology links to another unusual concept called trans-humanism, which focuses on improving the human condition by the means of science and technology. Given we are living in an age of acceleration, and with the COVID19 crisis, business will be compelled to work with digital, social and transformational DARQ* technologies. What we are witnessing is not so much a revolution but more an evolution of markets and consumers. Businesses need to learn to surf on this tsunami of technology or be suffocated by it.

This live session aims to discuss the implications of COVID in business and engage with young professionals in the field and reflect in how things are, how things are, the potential future of business operations under the so called “New Normal”.

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