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Funding and Advice have created a My Day page specifically so we can keep students updated on all things funding/money during this time. This is refreshed daily, sometimes more, so it can be relied upon as an accurate source of info. We're referring the majority of our enquiries to this page, weblink is

In terms of access to financial support, you'll see from this page that we are encouraging students to use our existing funds if they have been impacted by covid-19.

This applies whether they have never applied before, or have already received an award.For new applicants, the team are taking in apps and evidence by email.

For existing applicants, they simply need to email the team some details, so the processes are as streamlined as possible.You'll also see that the webpage mentions the new hardship fund that is available for international and EU students staying in the UK who are directly impacted by covid-19.

While the funding and advice team are not administering this, we still see our webpage as the main source of funding/money info at this time, and it has the details of how those students apply.

I'm sure you can appreciate that the Funding and Advice Team been inundated with enquiries from students directly impacted by this - lots of lost jobs, reduced hours, not able to work due to self isolating, caring for vulnerable relatives or children etc.

Despite the added challenge of reacting to those cases, the team are pretty much business as usual and continue to offer telephone appointments, and respond to email enquiries as appropriate, whether covid-related or not.

The Hub remains the best initial point of contact for any student enquiries, as well as our My Day page.

As always if you have any more questions it concerns please contact us

Stay Safe


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