Head of Operations aT HM Treasury Delivers talk to UWS SBCI!

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

UWS Alumni Claire Simpson speak to students about her career after UWS.

Students were treated to an excellent guest speaker during their Aspiring Futures lecture at the Lanarkshire Campus on Friday, 8th November.

Claire Simpson is Head of Operations at the Government Economic Service of HM Treasury. She graduated from the UWS School of Business and Creative Industries with a BA in Human Resource Management in 2014 and has since developed a very successful career in Human Resources.

She spoke to the students about her experience since leaving UWS, drawing on the themes of the module around networking, career planning and resilience. There was lively discussion about making the transition from University to full-time work, and the importance of being focussed when making career decisions.

The willingness and participation of Alumni in the future learning of students is one of the things that makes the University of the West of Scotland an outstanding place to learn and develop as a person. These kinds of events help to contextualise how module content works within the world of employment and how graduates of the UWS School of Business and Creative Industries go into the workplace with the tools they require to be work ready.

Claire is pictured below with Dr Robert Crammond and Dr Christine Reilly after delivering her talk.

The session proved very popular with students some of whom stayed behind to seek some specific careers advice from Claire, and it is this level of student participation that makes delivering a guest lecture rewarding for those who volunteer to do so.

This type of event happens more than people realise in the UWS School of Business and Creative Industries and, whenever they happen, they are always extremely popular with students and it would be great if we could hear more about them and share them with readers of these pages.

In the meantime we hope this helps you to Dream, Believe, Achieve @UWSSBCI.