Music Entrepreneurship - Allan Dumbreck and Gayle McPherson

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Allan Dumbreck is a Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader at UWS overseeing UG Hybrid programme BA (Hons) Commercial Music and working with the MA Music suite of programmes. Gayle McPherson is the Director of the Centre for Culture, Sport and Events at UWS with interests in interests revolve around the public policy interventions of the local and national state in events and festivity of all types and the social and cultural impact of sport events and culture on communities.

Their book Music Entrepreneurship features an analysis of the changing landscape of the music industries and the value of the entrepreneur within them through a series of focused chapters and case studies. Alongside contributions from key academics across the globe, expert contributors from across the industry highlight successful entrepreneurs and offers practical help to the reader trying to navigate the business. Sectors examined include: The value of the music industries, Recorded music, Live events. Branding in music, Artist management and Digital distribution.

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