SBCI Student stories: Mohammed Salihu

My name is Mohammed Salihu. I was born and raised in Nigeria. I'm a first-year student at the University of the West of Scotland, currently pursuing my bachelor's degree in Accounting.

I have always been inspired to write about the things around me: the trees as it cheers the wind, the river as it wakes in waves, the minaret as it chants praises to heaven, and many more.

Creating Art through poetry is one of my passions as it helps me pour untold stories, and unheard voices into the realm of the universe.

My poems have appeared in several literary journals and websites. But of all my publications, the one that stood out was, "Naked silences", a poem that was published along with poems by other poets, encapsulated into a captivating spoken word poem, and released and shared across the world by UNICEF to mark World Children's day in 2020.

Being a poet I lacked the teamwork to collaborate with other poets to create an anthology, I lacked the communication skills to read out my poems aloud, among others.

The Bacc degree at UWS has been helpful to me. It has helped me have self-reflection about myself, helped me learn about my fundamental nature, my essence, the skills I lack, and how to develop these skills.

Presently, I have been able to develop effective communication skills as evidenced in the CIMA UK Business Game where I stood out to the judges on how well I spoke, amongst others.

I realize I need the knowledge, skills and experience to thrive in both roles as an Accountant and Poet as well. Right now I see myself as a change, I want to make positive changes wherever I find myself be it in the Finance and Accounting sector, Literary and even Political sector if time permits.

I believe I have just begun my life journey.

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