sbci talks -"Leadership During the Times of Crisis"

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

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Leadership is a phenomenon observed in all organised human groups. However, research has shown that it is one of the least understood phenomena on earth. The number of published research studies in the field of leadership is vast and spans several decades. Nevertheless, despite such a large body of scholarship, leadership still remains an elusive concept.

The world is in a state of flux due to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. In times of crisis, organisational reactions can range from commotion to a controlled, deliberate, and well-orchestrated emergency strategy; and this largely depends on its leadership. As a result, the dynamic nature of today’s environment and challenges faced by organisations, sectors and governments has led to a clarion call for effective leadership by academics and practitioners. In today’s vastly complex and evolving world, leadership is required that can combat crisis and change.

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The event “Leadership During the Times of Crisis” is designed to support our community of scholars and practitioners by creating a space for discussion and reflection on leading in uncertain and dynamic environments. We are interested in engaging in a leadership discourse that is informed by theory and practice. In particular, this event is designed for academics, practitioners, researchers and policy makers. The speakers will be sharing on the importance of leadership during crisis. Challenges and thoughts on leadership both from the lens of theory and practice will be the focus of the day.


25th of February 2021/13:00
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Who Should Attend

This event will be of interest and relevance to academics, practitioners, policymakers, researchers and students.

Benefits of Attendance

·New insights on leading in uncertain and dynamic environments

·Combating leadership challenges in theory and practice in the new decade

·Practical insights into leadership and management in the changing world of work

·Excellent learning and networking platform for aspiring and existing leaders and managers

·Critically reflecting on the leadership development needs and identifying the potential areas for development.


Speakers will include:

·Professor Dominic Elliott; Dean of the School of Business and Creative Industries of the University of the West of Scotland and Professor of Crisis Management

·Professor Patricia Hind; Professor of Management Development and Director of Centre for Research in Executive Development; Ashridge Business School, United Kingdom.

·Lesley Giles; Director; Work Advance, United Kingdom

·Joe Simpson; Director; Leadership Centre, United Kingdom

·Dr Christian Harrison; Programme Leader; MSc Leadership and Management; University of the West of Scotland

Provider Information

School of Business and Creative Industries; University of the West of Scotland


For specific information about this event, please contact the workshop facilitator: Dr Christian Harrison Email: For general enquiries, please contact Jane Kerr at and Theo Tzanidis at


Booking deadline: 24th of February 2021