Staff Success Story - Dr Robert Crammond

Dr Robert James Crammond, Lecturer in Management at the School of Business and Creative Industries, releases his first book, with a focus on advancing entrepreneurship education within universities.

Titled ‘Advancing Entrepreneurship Education in Universities: Concepts and Practices for Teaching and Support, it highlights this exciting and purposive form of education, as well as its progression within higher education.

Within its seven chapters, this book discusses the origins, developments, applications, and embedding of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship education, noting its impact on industry and society. The book includes reflective case studies, and novel conceptualisations, which advance entrepreneurship education through models and illustrations. Furthermore, practical worksheets, created by the author, align with the thematic chapters for the enterprising classroom environment.

This book assists enterprising educators in building valuable course curriculum, as well as informing policy-makers towards educational advancements in the field. ‘Advancing Entrepreneurship Education in Universities’ is due for release, in eBook and Hardcover formats, on 27th April 2020 with Palgrave Macmillan.