Student Success Story - Giulia Candussi

We spoke to visual journalist Giulia Candussi, who was a recent graduate of UWS in 2018. Giulia Candussi has always been very passionate about socially engaged journalism and had - and continue to have - a great desire to produce stories that have an impact on society and hopefully inspire life-changing actions.

In 2008 she graduated in International Relations (with a specialization in Human Rights and Gender Issues) from the University of Bologna (Italy) and in 2010 she graduated in Photojournalism from the University of Westminster (London, UK). For seven years she worked as a photojournalist producing photo reportages about cultural identity, workers' rights, sustainability, and the migrant crisis, to name a few.

In 2017 she started to gradually shift her interest from still to moving images and produced her first independent documentary "Against the tide" about the contrast between mass tourism and sustainable tourism in Venice, Italy. In 2018 she produced another short documentary “Hogar” (Home in Spanish) about an institution in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina, that is home to children whose parents were not in the conditions to raise them because of their social or financial problems.

 In 2018 she is accepted at the BJTC-accredited Masters in Broadcast Journalism at the University of the West of Scotland (UK) where she learned to film and edit in a professional and timely fashion as well as familiarise herself with different video formats.

In early 2019 she completed a placement at the video desk at AFP in London and, with the UK gripped by the Brexit saga, it was a lively time to be at the desk. She was able to film breaking news, conduct interviews, and edit footage from the field.  In February she did work experience at the multimedia desk at the Guardian and learned how to research story ideas for long-form documentaries as well as filming – and writing - for short social media videos. ​ In summer 2019 she worked on her dissertation documentary “The Victoria Road Project” filming the work of the physical theatre company 'Theatre Senza'. The project aims at exploring - through ethnographic techniques mixed with theatre techniques - Victoria Road in Glasgow, as one of the most politically scrutinized, diverse and transforming areas of the country.

In October 2019 she is selected by the Scottish Documentary Institute to develop a short documentary for international distribution as part of the 'Bridging the Gap' initiative.

If you are interested in more of Giulia's portfolio you can click here