Students Dream Up ‘Good’ Events At Kibble

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

At the beginning of February, we took our third- year Events Management students to The Good Project by Kibble for a practical challenge. Over two days, students were prepped by lecturers at Good before they were let loose on the streets of Glasgow City Centre. 

We gathered the students together again at Good to report back on their findings and discuss what they needed further to complete their group assignment. We look forward to the final pitches in eight weeks time! 

Module Coordinator, Tom, was delighted with the two day visit: “It was great having GOOD as a base where the students designed real life positive experiential promotional events which will stand them in good stead in their future carers.”

A huge thanks to the team at Good for allowing and encouraging us to use their flexible space. The Good unit is based in Buchanan Galleries until April 2018. The space is particularly special as it provides not only our students but surrounding communities and organisations with a great place to learn, broadcast ideas and grow in confidence. The venue also includes a large space for multiple groups where ideas can be shared and created. 

On the day, we also met with UWS Alumni, Connor Edenborough, who now works for the project. We managed to grab him for a couple of minutes to tell us about his experience as a UWS graduate and how he got to where he is now.