The Effects of Covid-19 on European Cultural Relations and The implications for Policy Makers

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

On Wednesday 21st of October, we premiered our next instalment of #CCSEConversations with Professor Gayle McPherson and Gitte Zschoch on 'The Effects of Covid-19 on European Cultural Relations and The implications for Policy Makers'.

Gayle and Gitte spoke on several topics including; The impact COVID has had on the travel industry, the disruption of income streams to culture and arts and the effects moving forward, suggestions for university students working in the European sector in the future and a lot more.

iF you're interested in watching the conversation you can click the video below.

Find out more about info about the speakers at the event below.

Gayle McPherson

Professor Gayle McPherson holds a Chair in Events and Cultural Policy and is the Director of the Centre for Culture, Sport and Events at the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). Her research interests revolve around the interventions of the local and national state and wider agencies in events and festivity and the social and cultural impacts of large-scale sports events on communities. he recently led, as the Principal Investigator, and completed two research projects on the Contribution of Art and Culture in Global Security and Stability and the Inclusive Cultural Heritage for Skills Development in Kenya on behalf of the British Council.

Gitte Zschoch

Gitte Zschoch became Director of EUNIC in 2018. Previously, she was the founding director of the Goethe-Institut's branch in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and has held different roles for the Goethe-Institut in Seoul, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and in the Munich main office, where she was Deputy Head of Communications. She formerly worked as an independent cultural manager and writer with a focus on visual arts and literature. She holds an MA in Modern Korean Literature from Seoul National University and a BA in Comparative Literature from Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.