UWS Alumni Stories - Peter McGuire

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I started my association with UWS back in 1980, when I first studied at Bell College as an engineering apprentice undertaking a day release HNC in Mechanical Engineering. Two years later I was back at UWS, but this time at the Paisley Campus, which was Paisley Technology College back then. I undertook a BSc in Industrial Engineering, graduating with my degree in July 1986, back then the regular degree was a four-year degree and the honours degree was a five-year degree that you were invited to undertake only after you had completed your third year.

I then returned to Bell College again in 1991, as a part-time student studying an HNC in Quality Management, and completed the qualification in June 1992. I joined Bell College as a lecturer less than a year later in January 1993, and have been with the university ever since.

What has changed, then? Well, mostly the staff and a brand new campus at Lanarkshire, other than that UWS always has the same values and caring attitude that it always had. However, the Paisley campus has not really changed and it was strange to walk around there as a staff member and reminisce on where things used to be. I remember the print room being in the Gardner Building where I am now based and D Block housed the large engineering machines. Oh and the one thing I do remember is that in those days as a student there were very little personal computers, my work was written on an old Sinclair Spectrum and translated into Fortran 77, ready to be inputted into the Universities mainframe. You then had to wait 24 hours to get a paper printout of the results, too bad if you made a mistake, because you had to retype it all back in again. 

It was funny to walk into Paisley Campus at the time of the merger, to discover that some of my colleagues I would be teaching with, were actually some of my original lecturers, and even today 38 years later I still have colleagues that taught me. So would I change anything? No, I loved my time as a student, and I love lecturing at this wonderful institution. I am proud to call myself an alumni of UWS.