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SBCI's Research Centres:

Research Centres create a distinctiveness, uniqueness and a shared environment for specialist thematic, normally multi-disciplinary, research that brings together academic staff, practitioners , postgraduate students and the wider community to work and  address real-world issues and problems.

University Research Centres are groupings of academics undertaking research that is widely recognised as world-leading in an established area of expertise. They address significant international challenges and problems and redefine the parameters of one or more disciplines. Please see below  a list of our SBCI Research Centre's  links and thematic agendas :


CAREED is a unique centre of excellence within Scotland which focuses on five key areas of interests reflecting the areas of research interests of academic namely: commodities and exporting; logistics and supply chain management; enterprise and entrepreneurship (including gender enterprise); governance and ethics; and microfinance and social business. The Centre intends to progress this conversation as the we expand and develop.


The Centre for Culture, Sport and Events (CCSE) has developed from a collaborative partnership between the University of the West of Scotland and Renfrewshire Council. CCSE will provide a space to undertake collaborative research and development work that has relevance for the Renfrewshire area, nationally and internationally.

The Centre has been set up to conduct research, development, consultancy and knowledge exchange aligned to four key themes: